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FOR Clan }PoP{

Editors }PoP{ JASsMan and }PoP{ WarDemon

  1. Leaders and Members General Rules
    1. Leaders:
      1. The leaders consist of Clan Leader, Defensive Leader, and Offensive Leader.
      2. The Clan Leader has over all say of what happens to the clan in quick decisions. Otherwise he must consult the Defensive and Offensive Leaders, and at least two of the three leaders must agree on the subject before it can be put into action or brought up to a clan meeting.
      3. In the absent of a leader the Clan Leader can designate a member to fill in his/her position.
        1. The preferred person to ask is one of the following, in the outlined order:
          1. Founding Father - someone who has helped start the clan and has stayed with it from the beginning
          2. Clan Elder - someone who has been with the clan for awhile
          3. Member- someone that has general knowledge of what is going on with the clan.
        2. In the event the Clan Leader is absent the Defensive Leader will take the place as clan leader. The Offensive Leader will become the Defensive Leader. The Defensive Leader (acting clan leader) will appoint someone matching the above criteria as Offensive Leader.
        3. In the event all three leaders are going to be absent they will appoint someone matching the criteria to fill their positions. Note that RCON will not be passed out under any circumstance, even to acting leaders. In the event of the RCON needed to be known in this situation the leaders will decide what one person would have it, and the server owner must agree to this before the RCON password is given to that individual.

          NOTE: As of now there is no term length for the leaders, and there is no such thing as backup leaders.

    2. This is a DEMOCRATIC clan. We use a voting system to structure our clan. As a result, EVERY member is responsible for the clan and the following:
      1. Participation, this is essential.
      2. Clan members are here to have FUN; it's not fun to count on UNRELIABLE people...waiting to see if they will show, so be at events as much as possible.
      3. Be honorable and let others know if you can't make a scheduled event.
      4. Not saying anything "says ALOT!" Non-participation is not allowed.
      5. If you say you will be there, BE THERE.
      6. ALWAYS have a reasonable excuse for not showing.
    3. Members are subject to a "probation" term for failing to show-up.
      1. The Clan Leaders are the only ones who may put or take someone off probation.
      2. If they miss again during the probation term, then the member will be subject to dismissal. This will be discussed in the leaders meeting and again at the clan meeting before someone is let go (once again the leaders have over all say but all three leaders must agree on letting someone go).
      3. The probation term will last for three weeks.
      4. New members, in their probation term, not showing for a scheduled event will be subject to dismissal.
      5. Exceptions Are:
        1. Excuse given PRIOR to the event.
        2. A REALLY, REALLY good excuse if you missed. "My house burned to the ground and took my computer with It." - is a GOOD excuse.
        3. Short notice (less than 2 days) of the event.

  2. Voting Rules
    1. All aspects of the PoP clan are determined by a majority vote, exceptions are listed above. This "majority" is out of the people who are at the clan meeting. If you want to have a say in what happens, SHOW UP.
    2. Once a vote is completed or determined to be final, it is final. No re-opening a closed issue during the same meeting.
    3. An issue that has been closed, by voting or any other means may not be re-opened for a minimum of three weeks. Exception being that the clan is unable to function without a decision.
    4. In the event of a "tie" the Clan leader, Defensive Leader, and the Offensive Leader will make the final decision in The Leaders Meeting. That way time is not wasted.

  3. Events
    1. Trials:
      1. Trials are to be held on an "as needed" basis. The clan will decide when there is a need.
      2. The purpose of a trial is to determine how a person reacts under certain conditions, and see their general skill level. In order to "see" skill level, clan members MUST witness the trial. All members are requested to join the trial as an "observer", ask someone if you don't know how. ONLY the members actually playing may join in the game.
      3. NO TALKING from spectators. This is distracting! The intent of a trial is to provide a fair and even playing field.
      4. Immediately following a set of trials the clan will meet to vote. If you are unable to attend all the trial rounds, then please send your vote, for the rounds you did see, to the clan leaders (JASs Man, WaR_PiG, & BuBBa). Use ICQ to send it.
      5. Trials times are EVERY Tuesday at 8:00PM eastern, 7:00PM central, until further notice.
      6. The trial will be two "rounds" per person, each of 10 minutes in length. First is for a defensive evaluation, second is for an offensive evaluation
    2. Practices and Matches:
      1. Everybody needs to make it to practices if they want to play in matches.
      2. Practices are EVERY Sunday at 4:00PM Eastern, 3:00PM central.
      3. If you tell the leaders you will be at a match and don’t show up that is grounds for probation.
      4. NO cheating. This includes a "hack" to the maps, models, and/or executables. This does not include aliases, key bindings, or scripts. If it is outside the commands and settings of the original Quake World and TF maps, then it is cheating.

These rules are subject to change as the need arises.
Situations requiring new rules will be dealt with through clan input and suggestions.

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