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The Clan Page is on 2 servers now!

Both sites are Identical, just 2 places to find us.

Evil jester's Practice Sessions
I will be holding practice sessions on Tuesday's or Wednesday's, practice runs according to plan:First all people who showup on one team (blue/red)we have one of the opposite team to open enemy supplies rooms, on the same team we needmedic and a same team engineer.After that round is over we have a scrim.Each team is allowed one engineer for defensivepurposes.4:00est,3:00cst,1:00pac: connect at :

We are in the UCW league now and have played another clan in the league...
man are they tough.

We are testing a new chat prog for next Sunday meeting, get Iparty
Be sure to edit the client.ipl file (put your handle in there)
Avatar {
partyID { -1, 5, 1};
nickName "]PoP[SCUBA"; }

In the regular meeting: PoP
1. Voted to accept Clan CFH as our allies.
2. Postponed voting on rules till all leaders could attend the meeting.

PoP called a Special Meeting, after the announcement that Shylock (Leader) had resigned as leader.
The meeting was to reorganize PoP's structure and to re-elect Leaders.

PoP is having a MATCH Saturday, April 11th at 8PM eastern, 7c, 6m, 5p.
ALL members need to attend to have enough people.
PRACTICE is this Thursday, April 9th at 7cmt and Saturday at 7cmt (2 hours before the match).
PLEASE reply to this message, I need to know who can be at both or either prac.
Anyone who does not reply will be counted OUT. Attendance has been VERY low at the prac.
WE need to start pulling together to make PoP work.
JASs Man

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